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SIDEServicio de Inteligencia del Estado (Argentina)
SIDEServicio de Inteligencia del Estado (Argentina State Intelligence Service)
SIDESocial Identity model of Deindividuation Effects
SIDESuprathermal Ion Detector Experiment
SIDESPAWAR Integrated Data Environment
SIDESensor Integrated Discrimination Experiment
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The side lunge and press out at upper chest level mimics various volleyball-related lateral movements and overhead drills.
West Side postwar units registered the highest median sales price, rising 23% to $800,000.
England's victorious 1966 World Cup football side was in fourth place with less than half the number of votes cast for Brazil, behind Real Madrid's five-time European Cupwinning side of the1950s.
While property taxes on the North Side are typically much higher, the rising property values on the South Side have led to more dramatic increases in assessments--and, ultimately, property taxes.
3) Place the outside fabric pieces with right sides together, and stitch 1/2 inch side and bottom seams to form the tote.
In a recent study conducted by Citigate Financial Intelligence on how the evolving sell side is affecting public companies, 40 percent of small-caps reported a net decrease in analyst coverage.
While stand-alone Side A coverage is becoming more common, most Side A coverage is still purchased on an excess base over the broader base of coverage that includes Side B and Side C.
Cook until golden brown on one side, then turn and brown second side.
This results in uneven bond and tension related warp when one side of the liner was loose and one side was held tightly against the preheater's heated surface.
Further effects of our argument culture's thinking--there is one right side, and that side must win--were seen when our government rejected Jesse Jackson's offer to travel to Afghanistan to talk to the Taliban before we sent our troops to drop bombs.
Also, when we talk about "extensions" to the front or side, what we really mean is to flex the hip with the deep hip flexors and then extend the knee with the quadriceps.
These findings led the scientists to speculate that the ciliary action leads to cell-secreted chemical signals becoming concentrated on one side of the embryo and switching on genes there (SN: 8/21/99, p.