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He did not overtake them until he reached Sidi Aissa shortly after noon, where the soldiers had halted for an hour's rest.
It was market day at Sidi Aissa, and the numberless caravans of camels coming in from the desert, and the crowds of bickering Arabs in the market place, filled Tarzan with a consuming desire to remain for a day that he might see more of these sons of the desert.
On his departure the ape-man, with Abdul, wandered again into the streets of Sidi Aissa, where he was soon attracted by the wild din of sound coming from the open doorway of one of the numerous CAFES MAURES.
Le lac Sidi Mohamed Benali s'etend sur une superficie de 33 hectares et attire de nombreux touristes.
In the heads of terms MPE has consented, Sound Energy has the choice to buy MPE's share in the Sidi Moktar licenses for a rate of 1 ($1.
It also provide for the replacement of special delegations of the municipalities of Takelsa, Sidi Thabet, Gafsa, Mornag, Hammam-Chott, Ezzahra, El Kef, Sakiet Sidi Youssef and Mahdia.
La lutte contre le chomage constitue, precise Said Hidat, un objectif majeur car le contact direct avec les citoyens et citoyennes de la prefecture Sidi Bernoussi a l'occasion de la campagne electorale, l'evoquent en premier lieu et en priorite.
After the Sidi Kilani find, Elf pulled out of the block, selling its 15% to KUFPEC.
Dans un communique parvenu a la MAP, l'ADM informe les usagers de l'autoroute Rabat-Tanger "qu'elle procedera a la pose d'une passerelle pour pietons entre Larache et Sidi El Yamani, operation qui necessitera par mesure de securite, l'arret de la circulation dans les deux sens sur la section separant l'echangeur de Larache et celui de Sidi El Yamani du jeudi 03 octobre a minuit au vendredi 04 octobre a 04h du matin".
At a time when teens sometimes get a bad rap, Danielle Sidi is a young teen with a mission.
Les manifestants ont mis le feu au siege du parti au pouvoir Ennahda et a celui d'une ONG islamiste dans la ville de Souk Jedid a 17 km de Sidi Bouzid.
The rig and auxiliary equipment are currently being audited and critical equipment will be tested in the storage yard in the city of Sfax prior to mobilization to the Sidi Dhaher-1 well site.