SIDMSociety to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine
SIDMSmooth Impact Drive Mechanism (Minolta; digital camera feature)
SIDMSerial Impact Dot Matrix Printer
SIDMself-interacting dark matter (physics)
SIDMSociety for the Inner Development of Man (religious group)
SIDMSistema Inteligente de Deteccion Microprocesada (Spanish: Microprocessor Intelligent Detection System)
SIDMSprint In-touch Desktop Manager
SIDMSteroid-Induced Diabetes Mellitus (kidney disease)
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To test our new method, seven experiments for the runoff interpolation based on the GIDM in the Yellow River are carried out in Section 4, compared with SIDM, OIDM, IDW, and COK.
SIDM believes that we need a comprehensive report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) on diagnostic errors.
Pr > F Wilks' lambda Pr < Wilks' lambda 1 VAR 47.38 <0.0001 0.40614582 <0.0001 2 SDM 21.37 <0.0001 0.35268221 <0.0001 3 SIDM 4.19 <0.0001 0.21780024 <0.0001 Table 6: The explanatory adequacy of principal components for classifier B (Haar).
He would join in Hong Kong as head of structured investments distributor marketing (SIDM) for Asia ex-Japan and Australia.
IT'S NOT A warehouse management system or logistics solution, yet Epson's Serial Impact Dot Matrix (SIDM) printer is designed to speed operations in the retail supply chain nonetheless.
French supermarket and shopping centre operator Auchan received the European Commission's blessing on December 15 to take sole control of the Italian food business Societa Italiana Distribuzione Moderna (SIDM), currently part of the La Rinascente joint venture Auchan shares with Italian holding company IFIL.
OKI is currently the dominant player in the SIDM market, owning a 65% share of the 9-pin market and 55% of the 9-pin and 24-pin market overall according to the Q4'03 IDC Quarterly Tracker.
This makes Carrigan and Sidm an favor multiple-choice procedures.
The idea for creating a new bibliographic tool purposefully designed for the cantata repertory was born of an initiative by the Societa Italiana di Musicologia (SIDM).
"This printer is the perfect output `workhorse' for any business that churns out a large number of forms each year such as multipart documents, tickets, purchase orders, mailing labels, packing slips, contracts, invoices and just about any other form of paperwork you can imagine," said John Brunson, product manager, SIDM printers, Epson.