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By having one system handle both the kitchen functions as well as the front-end functions, the retailer will be able to cut out a step in the process, Sidoni says.
Sidoni said Ahmadi had flashbacks and nightmares about being tortured.
and Christina Sidoni, vice president of trade and PCM sales for HSBC Bank USA.
When maid Sidoni Ahr found some casual work around Christmas, her baker husband put in her twelve hours of picket duty on his day off.
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Mgr., Church & Dwight Co., Inc., NJ, (609) 497-7274 Shotell, Jr., George, Pres., Carefree Chemical Co., CA, (714) 434-0400 Shroyer, Bill, Pres., Splash Superpools, AR, (800) 927-7527 Shu, Charles, Mgr., Durable Pool Equipment, TX, (972) 633-5399 Sibeni, Aldo, Pres., Boundary Fence and Railing Sys., NY, (718) 847-3400 Sidoni, John, Pres., Advanced Thermal Products, PA, (814) 834-1541 Sidoruk, Nancy, Dir.
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