SIDRATSpace and Inter-Dimensional Robot All-Purpose Transporter (Doctor Who TV Series)
SIDRATSplendidly Done and A Real Acid Trip
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The text presented here, Kitab Sidrat al-muntahd (Book of the Ziziphus tree of the furthest boundary; the title is a Quranic reference), attributed to the great esoteric authority Ibn Wahshiyya, tells the story of the discovery of a table of Hermes, which offers a mythological introduction to alchemy and its principles.
Chronological problems also mar the section on the reception of Kitab Sidrat al-muntaha.
Sidrat claims she belongs to the family of a famous Congress leader late Hayatullah Ansari.
Shehnaz Sidrat is wife of Ansari's son, The Daily Times stated.
(39) On the other hand, "Sadeer" from "sidra" (lotus tree) refers in the Qur'an to sidrat al-muntaha, the farther lotus tree in Muslim "paradise" which is in Islamic lore identified with Jerusalem, and describes one's attainment of "the highest or ultimate goal".
Sidrat Poetica ve'Bikkuret (Tel Aviv: Sifriat Poalim, 1992), 16-26.
Cet arbre, identifie a Touba comme l'arbre soutenant le paradis (Sidrat almuntaha), marque Touba-ville comme le lieu epiphanique et theophanique ou l'experience mystique s'est operee entre le Cheikh Bamba et Allah (Sy 1969).
It is here, at Sidrat al-Muntaha ("the Lote tree of Heaven"), that he found himself in the presence of God.
KUWAIT, Jan 13 (KUNA) -- An initiative launched by a Kuwaiti youth succeeded in protecting 'Sidrat Hawally', the oldest Sidr tree (Ziziphus spina-christi) in the country; estimated at 200 years old, against damage.
(d) Best kept garden-Private Schools: First: Al Eman School - Girls Section, Second: Al Rashad Center, Third: Sidrat Al Asafeer
Lebanon's Hassan Al-Askari came in the second place, winning QAR 700,000 for his "Moqtareban min Sidrat Al-Nor;" he was followed by Al-Hassan Al-Ahmadi, of Morocco, who won QAR 400,000 for his "Hadil Lehamam Makkah." Speaking to KUNA after winning the top award, Al-Harbi voiced joy for his successful vying against veteran poets from various parts of the Arab world.
KUWAIT, May 6 (KUNA) -- Al-Sidra Cancer Support Center organized an Operetta "Sidrat AL-Amal" on hope for cancer patients at Bayan Palace theater on Wednesday, under the patronage and attendance of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.