SIDTSolomon Islands Development Trust
SIDTStore Interrupt Descriptor Table
SIDTSupport Initiatives in Development Trust (India)
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The ReliatraN SIDT offers important safety advantages.
ReliatraN SIDT addresses concerns of utility companies while providing a low-maintenance, reliable single-phase submersible transformer.
SIDT publishes Link Magazine on a fairly regular basis, has established a theatre group to do awareness-raising activities through drama, and produces a weekly radio program on issues and matters relating to community development and empowerment.
SIDT understands that the heart of the nation lies in village life.
SIDT sent trained village helpers - Mobile Team Members - to thousands of villages to help villagers see beyond their financial limits and get a handle on the complex and difficult process of development.
For example, SIDT brought Chris Delany, a New Zealand woman expert in papermaking from village-based fibers, to Balai (Malaita) and Nazareth (Western Isle) to teach paper-making from leaves, bark and other materials found locally in great abundance.
Another project for SIDT has been the butterfly raising.
The impact this could have on future revenues and profits of SIDT through up-front license fees and royalties is staggering.
By receiving a notice of allowance, SIDT now has the opportunity to possess one of the most robust patent portfolios in the carbon nanotube and field emission industries, which will likely be unmatched by anyone.
amp;uot;Eckerd is pleased to have the opportunity to explore this new concept with SIDT,&uot; said Bob Dyer, director of advertising services for Eckerd.