SIECASecretariat for Central American Economic Integration
SIECASummer Institute in Engineering and Computer Applications (US NASA)
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8) Compilacion y analisis de Informacion de "Comercio y marketing internacional" de Hector Felix Arese y "Situacion del transporte en Ccntroamerica y el Caribe" de la SIECA.
During the seminar, participants analyzed the process of subregional integration that has been developing in the Hemisphere, referring to MERCOSUR in South America, PACTO ANDINO in the Andean region, NAFTA in North America, CARICOM in the Caribbean and SIECA in Central America, as well as the future integration of these subregional arrangements.
In September 1997, the five nations that make up SIECA signed an accord with Taiwan that calls for both sides to increase their flow of trade and investment Short term, the goal is to create more sources of capital in the region and to speed technology transfer.
Y en septiembre de 1997, los cinco paises del SIECA firmaron un acuerdo con Taiwan que los obliga aumentar el flujo de comercio e inversion en ambas direcciones.
according to the SIECA Bulletin on American Foreign Trade, (Oct.
One sign of decreased political tensions, Herrera said, was Guatemala's support for Belize's application for membership in SIECA.