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SIECUSSexuality Information and Education Council of the United States
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SIECUS has been my professional home for the last 21 years and has given me so much both professionally and personally.
While many of the controversies SIECUS tracked this year ended in greater restrictions on what young people will learn in school, Ciardullo reminds us that advocates and activists across the country are working diligently to protect and promote comprehensive sexuality education and that in many communities they are succeeding.
Mary Calderone and her colleagues, with the encouragement of the National Education Association and the American Medical Association, founded SIECUS in 1964 to promote comprehensive sexuality education.
SIECUS has documented more than 500 community controversies in every state over the content of sexuality education.
Sources which assisted in choosing the curricula for the review included curricula lists available from SIECUS and the list of sexuality education curricula available at the local Planned Parenthood office.
Congress debated bills to end federal funding for sex education and to launch an investigation into SIECUS.
1991, Center for Population Options 1992, O'Neill and Roffman 1992, SIECUS 1993.
Monica will step down on September 30, 2015 after a professional association with SIECUS for over 20 years.
For most SIECUS Reports we pick a very specific topic and examine it closely.
Following the report's release and the ABC appearance, SIECUS coordinated a sign-on letter to Sen.
supported efforts to protect federal funds for adolescent sexual health promotion programs through Action Alerts, with nearly 600 letters sent through SIECUS and hundreds more sent from around the country to members of Congress.