SIEISofia Initiative on Economic Instruments (Bulgaria)
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Values of Simpson's evenness index (SIEI) indicate unequal proportions between areas of certain patches.
Variant V is located mainly in arable and forest areas; hence it is less varied, dominated by two types of land use (the lowest levels of SHDI and SIEI).
A comprehensive research project of the EDB Centre for Integration Studies "The System of Indicators of Eurasian Integration" (SIEI) has a long-term status.
(She's certainly driven enough people to drink!) (Variants: Sills', Sinis', Siei's, Siwi's, Sixi's, Siyi's, Sizi's)
Proper Nouns: Oruro--city, W2; Conoc, Coyoc, Dolod, Epipe, Esase, Eveve, Idodi, Ilili, Isisi, Mogom, Mohom, Mo-som, Motom, Onano, Ososo, Otuto, Siei, Siwi, Sixi, Siyi, Sizi, Yeley--towns, P; Matam, Onaga--towns, A; Agano, Iriri, Silis, Weser--rivers, W2, P, A; Yoyoy--Ontario lake, P; Esora--Biblical name, W2; Demas--companion of Paul, W2; Euler--Leonhard, Swiss math., W2; Noton--Nat.
Using the System of the Interdepartmental Electronic Interaction (SIEI), Sberbank is already interacting with the Federal Tax Service (extracts from the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities and Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs, check of the personal tax reference number, using full name and ID, information on suspension of transactions with the taxpayers accounts), the Russian Federal State Statistics Service (data on annual financial statements) and the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (data to determinate whether there is a legal entity in the list of unscrupulous suppliers).
Main features: this contract is the realization of phone calls to young people on the lists of the Inter System the exchange of information Siei) (transmitted by the services of the national education and on the lists received by the leaders of 56 monitoring platforms and support for dropouts (psad).
Address : Yndicat Intercommunal pour lenfance Inadaptee (SIEI)