SIEISofia Initiative on Economic Instruments (Bulgaria)
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Values of Simpson's evenness index (SIEI) indicate unequal proportions between areas of certain patches.
Variant V is located mainly in arable and forest areas; hence it is less varied, dominated by two types of land use (the lowest levels of SHDI and SIEI).
A comprehensive research project of the EDB Centre for Integration Studies "The System of Indicators of Eurasian Integration" (SIEI) has a long-term status.
(She's certainly driven enough people to drink!) (Variants: Sills', Sinis', Siei's, Siwi's, Sixi's, Siyi's, Sizi's)
Proper Nouns: Oruro--city, W2; Conoc, Coyoc, Dolod, Epipe, Esase, Eveve, Idodi, Ilili, Isisi, Mogom, Mohom, Mo-som, Motom, Onano, Ososo, Otuto, Siei, Siwi, Sixi, Siyi, Sizi, Yeley--towns, P; Matam, Onaga--towns, A; Agano, Iriri, Silis, Weser--rivers, W2, P, A; Yoyoy--Ontario lake, P; Esora--Biblical name, W2; Demas--companion of Paul, W2; Euler--Leonhard, Swiss math., W2; Noton--Nat.