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SIEPACProyecto del Sistema de Interconexion Electrica de los Paises de America Central (Spanish: Central American Electrical Interconnection System)
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Meeting with government regulators, administrators and numerous officials, as well as critical industry leaders, Yeo and Keegan will be unveiling a range of comprehensive turnkey solutions designed specifically to meet the unique challenges of the Central American landscape, while tying the proposed solar array directly into SIEPAC, a 1,125-mile 230 kV transmission line, with a planned capacity of 300 MW connecting 37 million consumers in Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala.
(SEL) has been selected to provide protection, control, and automation systems for the SIEPAC (Sistema de Interconexion Electrica Para America Central), or Central American Electric Interconnection System.
Asimismo, todo el planteamiento era coherente con el proyecto de interconexion electrica regional, el SIEPAC (Sistema de Interconexion Electrica para Paises de America Central) (12).
Mean annual temperature ranges from 24.0 to 27.8 [degrees]C and mean annual precipitation is 1750 mm (Quigley & Platt 2003), with a 6.5 month long dry season each year (SIEPAC 2003).
At the same time, flagship projects of integration have emerged: the International Network of Mesoamerican Highways (RICAM), which seeks to improve connectivity by modernizing 8,170 miles of highways; and the Interconnection System of the Countries of Central America (SIEPAC), a 1,100-mile electricity transmission line that links all six countries.