SIEVStichting Inschrijving Eigen Vervoer
SIEVSustainability Indicators and Environmental Valuation
SIEVSuspect Illegal Entry Vessel
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Siev noted what he said were other issues in Brinkley's ruling, including a footnote that said the judge felt the attorneys were pitting her against the other female judge who had granted retrials.
Compulsions in clients with Rs-OCD frequently include the pursuit of reassurance from clergy (Huppert & Siev, 2010).
Calculating the volume of glass on the total volume of bricks, in VR 5, VR 5 siev, and VR 10 specimens, the respective volumetric glassy fractions amount to 1%, 1.5%, and 2%.
"Questions Still Abound Ten Years After the Sinking of SIEV X", interview of Steve Biddulph by Geraldine Doogue (22 October 2011) on Saturday Extra, ABC Radio National, online: < sinking/3595014>.
Forty one potential illegal maritime arrivals who were intercepted on the SIEV were returned to Sri Lankan authorities on July 6.
Siev did not return a telephone call seeking comment, and Rodriguez did not speak with reporters at the team's minor league complex in Tampa.
The Siev X (Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel) drowning tragedy fourteen years ago has been talked about recently by some sailors who experienced post traumatic stress disorder from dealing as they were ordered with small boats of refugees.
The protest was organised to mark the 11th anniversary since the sinking of regfugee boat SIEV X.
The latest accident is the worst since 2001, when a crowded people-smuggling boat called the SIEV X sank, killing 353 of the more than 400 people on board.
Six weeks later, on 7-8 October, another vessel carrying refugees seeking asylum in Australia arrived in Australian waters and, only eleven days after that arrival, on 19 October, 353 refugees aboard the SIEV X drowned in international waters off Indonesia patrolled by Australia.
As late as 1977, the Jewish writer Izzy Siev asserted that "Social Eugenics will accomplish the following: It will reduce future welfare rolls.
Norres was one of a group of 23 Mandeans who, in October 2001, boarded a boat to Australia which came to be known as SIEV X.