SIFATServants in Faith And Technology (Alabama)
SIFATSpecial Independent Force Against Terrorism (LA Machine Guns game)
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KBHICZ ve KBHIT Olceklerinin uyum gecerligini saptamak uzere ayrica Sifat Listesi (Adjective Check List-ACL), Maslach Tukenmislik Olcegi (Maslach Burnout Inventory-MBI) ve Durumluk ve Surekli Kaygi Olcegi (State Trait Anxiety InventorySTAI) kullanilmistir.
Timuda, "Pengaruh ketebalan terhadap sifat optik lapisan semikonduktor [Cu.sub.2]O yang dideposisikan dengan metode chemical bath deposition (CBD)," Jurnal Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi Telaah, vol.
The winners of air-tickets to any destination of choice included Abdul Hanan Khan from Narowal, Sifat Allah from Lahore and Farooq Ahmed from Karachi.
[7.] Rahayu, I.S., Sifat Fisik, Mekanis, serta Keawetan Batang Kelapa Hibrida (Physical and Mechanical Properties, and Durability of Hybrid Coconut Wood), Journal Ilmu Pertanian Indonesia, 2 (1), 2006, pp.
-- At least three persons including a commander of paramilitary forces were killed and fifteen were wounded in a suicide blast on Wednesday in Pakistani northern city of Peshawar, said police.A suicide bomber exploded himself as the official vehicle of Sifat Ghauoor, the commandant of Frontier Constabulary (FC), stopped at a traffic signal in Sadar area of Peshawar, capital of Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa province, said Bashir Bilour, a senior provincial minister, while talking to newsmen.The Minister Bilour said that it was not immediately clear whether the bomber was on foot or driving a vehicle.
not composed of parts; one in His attributes (sifat), i.e., not having two powers, two types of knowledge, etc.; one in His works (afal), i.e., not being influenced in any way by anything other than Himself.
1993, Sifat Listesinin Acl Turkiye Kosullarina Uygun Dilsel Esdegerlilik, Gegerlilik, Guvenirlilik, Norm Calismasi ve Ornek Bir Uygulama Yayinlanmamis Doktora Tezi.
kata nama 'noun' and kata sifat 'adjective') and informal descriptions of derivational processes in the morphology.
Today the third stage will be of distance 125km starting from Sifat Al Sheikh to Quriyat.
When asked to talk about themselves, tombois laid claim to men's feelings, characteristics (sifat), spirit/soul (jiwa), actions (tinskah laku), and appearance (penampilan).
Broadway School in Perry Barr welcomed Susi Bechhofer, pictured here with pupil Sifat Jahir, as part of a visit organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust.
Among works in progress is the monograph, Kemarahan, Keramahan dan Kemurahan Allah: Teologi Sederhana tentang Sifat Allah dan Budaya Masyarakat Kita (The Anger, Hospitality, and Mercy of God: A Simple Theology on the Character of God and the Culture of Our Society) for BPK, Jakarta.