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SIFFTSkinner Interpolating Fast Fourier Transform
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Sifft JM, Khalsa GCK, 1991, Effect of educational kinesiology upon simple response times and choice response times.
SIFFT is supported by the Sikh Foundation of Canada, which promotes greater understanding of the Sikh presence in this country and highlights their contributions with a focus on arts, education and culture.
Sifft argues that "without exception British Tory or Labour governments have implemented only the minimum standards of EC equal opportunities directives--or even less" (2003:154), and that "no other European government has so firmly insisted on its sovereign rights in social and gender policies" (2003:150).
or even less" (Sifft 2003:154) rather than develop the kinds of policies that have been seen overseas to have a real impact.
Khalsa, Morris and Sifft (27) reported the effect of a six-week program of Edu-K, incorporating repatterning and/or Brain Gym[R] integration movements on the static balance of 60 students aged 7-11 years with learning disabilities.