SIFIScience Fiction (less common than SciFi)
SIFISeminar in Field Instruction (education; various locations)
SIFISchool Identified for Improvement (Wisconsin)
SIFISugar Industry Foundation, Inc. (Philippines)
SIFISystemically Important Financial Institution
SIFISeismic Induced Frame Instability
SIFISistema Integrato Formazione Istruzione (Italian: Integrated System Training Education; Milan, Italy)
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Industry officials said the original proposal outlining the criteria that would be used in determining which firms would be regulated as SIFI was so lean on specifics because the federal regulators who make up the FSOC were divided on what criteria they wanted to use in determining which non-banks were systemically significant.
Nonbank SIFIs will also be required to submit reports to the Federal Reserve, the FSOC and the FDIC on the company's credit exposure to other significant nonbank financial companies and significant bank holding companies as well as the credit exposure of such significant entities to the company.
talked about the SIFI issue during a recent appearance at the National Press Club that coincided with the 1-year anniversary of passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.
banks with SIFI designations have made moves as significant as MetLife and GE, but certain disincentives for becoming larger have been firmly established for banks, mostly though the global systemically important bank capital buffers, the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review program and the U.
Corrected to show that MetLife had not received a formal notification regarding a possible SIFI designation.
In a securities filing submitted earlier this year, MetLife challenged the FSOC's preliminary designation of MetLife as a SIFI.
Under President Obama, the FSOC, an ill-conceived creature of Dodd-Frank, was used to make overreaching SIFI designations of non-banks, thus subjecting them to unreasonable, unknown, and unrealistic regulations.
MetLife shed the SIFI designation last year via litigation and the FSOC de-designated American International Group Inc.
Treasury Department is supposed to use to pay for an orderly liquidation of a SIFI.
make it easier for Prudential Financial to also try and get out of its SIFI designation.
Now, with the rescission of its designation as a nonbank SIFI, GE Capital's activities will no longer be subject to the supervision of the Federal Reserve or subject to the prudential standards set forth in the Dodd Frank Act and its implementing regulations, including minimum regulatory capital and liquidity requirements, submission of annual resolution plans, and regulatory reporting requirements.