SIGACTSSignificant Actions (US Army)
SIGACTSSignificant Activities (US Army)
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The long-term goal is to have the four brigade S-2s create the SIGACTs for their areas, and then through the liaison officers, pass the information to the Corps G-2 to consolidate the information.
(v) The author used heat-mapping of SIGACTs and then made a rough square mile calculation: 75% of assassinations happened in a 6,640 square mile area, while all Islamic State attacks were spread out across a 60,636 square mile area in Iraq in 2018.
Q: I understand that Tellus is a mashup of Life Alert, OnStar, and Waze that provides operations and intelligence personnel with the ability to report significant activities (SIGACT) or events.
On the other hand, a powerful but complex SigAct (that is, significant action) management work flow saw substantially less adoption.
In this manner, the COP had up-to-date information for any recent SIGACT, projected for all to view in the tactical operations center.
For staging content, the Corps Portal was utilized to provide an integrated platform for visualization of operational data derived from the CIDNE SIGACT database.
The S-2 begins by providing detailed information on the most recent enemy SIGACTS and current enemy tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) and how they may affect the mission.
Eye witnesses related that victim was shot by CF forces by a "random shot." During the interview, it was impossible to clarify what the claimant meant by a "random shot." A SIGACTS investigation revealed no activity or incidents in Samarra on that date.
SIGACTs. This shows recent activities which affect the mission, such as enemy contact or civilian black marketing.
Deep dive products focusing on historical significant activities (SIGACTS) within the AO/AI will use this information.
Because we believed that Paktika would be our future area of operation (AO), TBOC spent weeks pulling recent SIGACTs and current network information to build a scenario with the same SIGACTs and names that our battalion would encounter in Paktika.