SIGADSIGINT (Signals Intelligence) Activity Designator
SIGADSignals Intelligence Activity Designator
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Methods: Pure-tone audiometry, acoustic impedance, otoacoustic emission, and brainstem audiometric measurements were taken during a non-infectious period in 28 patients with SIGAD and 28 healthy children with normal otoscopic examination.
Yet, the privacy harms associated with the uses of these data--including aggregation, identification, disclosure, and distortion (see Kitchin, 2014b; Solove, 2006)--within analytics regimes underwriting intensifying state-sponsored dataveillance practices operationalized under Five Eyes SIGAD programs such as CO-TRAVELLER, HAPPYFOOT, and LEVITATION are demonstrably far more serious as they may be used to not only reveal things about individuals but also to actively structure their life chances and opportunities.
Moreover, other investigation reported cases of sIgAD developing into CVID with time and occasionally vice versa, supporting the concept that IgA deficiency and CVID lie in the spectrum of the same disease, which indicates that these conditions are closely linked and can be progressive or reversible.
Regarding age groups Litzman et al concluded increased prevalence of selective IgA deficiency (SIgAD) in both children and adults15 but Castano et al and other studies documented increased prevalence of IgA deficiency in children.16 In a study, it was found that at least 80% of CD patients diagnosed before the age of 4 years were advised GFD as compared to 36% of CD patients diagnosed after the age of 4 years.
The concentration of total IgA, measured nephelometrically, was <0.05 g/L in 29 patients, and defined as sIgAD. In the other 5 patients, IgA concentrations were below age-specific cutoffs, but >0.05 g/L (patients with low IgA concentrations).
Ferramenta de avaliaciao de Sistemas In formatizados de Gestao Arquivistica de Documentos (SIGAD).
Hwaet, eorde maeg wid ealra wihta gehwilce and wid andan and wid aeminde and wid pa micelan mannes tungan And widdon forweorp ofer greot, ponne hi swirman, and cwed: Sitte ge, sigewif, sigad to eorban!
In Mahalla Kubra three thousand workers struck the Sigad Textile Plant in May 1985, protesting management's failure to pay the May Day bonus; the action broke up when the company promised to issue the checks.
Tenders are invited for maintenance and evolutionary development of the sigad application of the department of education, culture and sport (expte gie 2/2019)
Elle est egalement connectee au CNIS par une liaison SIGAD. Le systeme fonctionne avec un logiciel d'exploitation propre a l'activite.
A Signals Intelligence Activity Designator (SIGAD) is an alphanumeric designator that identifies a facility used for collecting Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).
Ce Data Center entre dans le cadre de la mise en place du nouveau systeme d'information des Douanes, decidee apres des diagnostics de l'actuel Systeme d'information et de gestion automatisee de dedouanement (SIGAD) mis en place en 1995.