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SIGARSpecial Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction
SIGARSpecial Interest Group on Adverse Reactions (Association of Information Officers in the Pharmaceutical Industry; UK)
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According to the SIGAR report, the SMW's 30 Mi-17s include the 10 on loan from the AAF as well as 13 provided by the United States, five by the United Kingdom, and two by Germany.
It also said that SIGAR had warned last year that the cost of security under the APPF model would rise but that it has, in fact, fallen.
In auditing the auditors, the Kabul Press examined just one recent SIGAR audit, which was of the $70 million per year Afghan National Army vehicle maintenance contract administered by the U.
1971) Identification of pigments that persist into refined sigar.
Although the people consider Sigar (8) as the one who discovered the salt spring six generations ago, it was Peru (9) who first made the borehole and turned it into a wellspring.
An audit by the Special Inspector General For Afghanistan Reconstruction, SIGAR, said that the atmosphere in the central bank had become hostile to American officials.
PCRF is one of the Palestinian-based humanitarian organisations that benefited from the aid provided by the Salam Ya Sigar campaign in the past three years and Sosebee praised the role of the campaign in the Palestinian colonies.
steadfast determination have established SIGAR as a critical oversight agency.
Vicdana sigar mi bilmiyorum ama Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi'ne sigmaz.
Organizer BNM Agha Ashraf Shah has appealed to Baloch political workers, doctors, lawyers, intellectual, traders and people belonging to various stratum of society to participate in the public gathering and pay homage to the valuable services rendered by three martyrs Majeed Baloch Senior, Sigar Baloch, Ameer Bakhsh, Majeed Baloch junior for the cause of Baloch emancipation have set a history for the Balochs.