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SIGARSpecial Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction
SIGARSpecial Interest Group on Adverse Reactions (Association of Information Officers in the Pharmaceutical Industry; UK)
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SIGAR data are based on United Nations (UN) reporting rather than Operation Resolute Support or other U.
Sopko stated that a SIGAR audit reveals a stunning lack of accountability over combat weapons provided to Afghan Security Forces.
SIGAR has further questioned whether the Afghan government is prepared to assume full responsibility for some interdiction- related programs, such as the Afghan Special Mission Wing--a program for which DOD and DEA have strongly advocated.
I think it is going to take us a little bit of time to review the findings and to coordinate with the SIGAR.
According to a SIGAR report released the same day as Sopko's appearance before the Oversight Committee, although the Defense Department is permitted to void contracts with individuals and entities later found to be opposing U.
An audit by the Special Inspector General For Afghanistan Reconstruction, SIGAR, said that the atmosphere in the central bank had become hostile to American officials.
steadfast determination have established SIGAR as a critical oversight agency.
This request represents the first time that funding for SIGAR and SIGIR has been requested under the Department of State's Office of Inspector General.
DURING HIS fourth trip to Afghanistan, in May, Arnold Fields, the retired Marine general who serves as the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, or SIGAR (pronounced "cigar"), noticed a pattern.
Two of his sons, Raut and Sigar, were born in the Adang and accompanied him to the Kerayan.
Sigar Mohammed (40) and Aaron Blackmore (27) helped Ansley to a satisfying 108 of 7, a total way out of the reach of the Blades of last season.