SIGBIOSpecial Interest Group on Biomedical Computing (ACM)
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The diversification is reflected in the topics of recent, outstanding SIGBIO newsletters.
Volunteers from SIGBIO, SIGCHI,SIGCOMM,SIGGRAPH, SIGIR, SIGLINK and SIGOIS joined together and are planning an annual series of premier conferences on research and development in multimedia computing.
with SIGAPP, SIGBIT, SIGBIO, SIGMOD, SIGOPS and the IEEE Communication and Computer Societies.
with SIGBIO, IEEE CS, American College of Radiology.
SIG Chairs David Johnson, SIGACT Mark Gerhardt, SIGAda Marilyn Pritchard, SIGAPL Doug DeGroot, SIGARCH Jon Doyle, SIGART Elias Awad, SIGBDP William Hammond, SIGBIO Randy Dipner, SIGCAPH Ronald Anderson, SIGCAS Wendy Mackay, Cochair, SIGCHI Austin Henderson, Cochair, SIGCHI Vinton Cerf, SIGCOMM Raymond McLeod, SIGCPR Elliot Koffman, SIGCSE John Lawson, SIGCUE Chuck Shaw, SIGDA R.