SIGCSignal Framework for C++
SIGCSecond Imperial Geothermal Company
SIGCSummer Institute for Gifted Children (Tennessee)
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Although not quite a championship layout, SIGC is a very good round of golf.
En cuanto a los items relativos a la calidad del programa, tambien se observan diferencias significativas, como por ejemplo en la existencia de informacion sobre el SIGC, entre los programas espanoles y los europeos, americanos y asiaticos, siendo en estos dos ultimos continentes inexistente.
En Espana cada vez es mas comun la implantacion de SIGC en todo tipo de instituciones, mostrando procedimientos que pretenden simplificar o facilitar las actividades de la institucion.
The first Iwo LNAs use BICMOS SiGc for WLAN applications anti potentially have high levels of future integration.
SIGC develops policies, priorities, and program budgets to put into practice technology developed by SHRP.
The President of the Spanish Agricultural Guarantee Fund (FEGA), Miguel Angel Riesgo, has closed today, in Valladolid, the Seminar on the Integrated Management and Control System (SIGC), organized by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, In collaboration with the FEGA and the Ministry of Agriculture of Castilla y Leon, it was held on 10 and 11 April.
USA SigC OCS Association will hold its reunion from Oct.
Contract notice: Maintenance, Support of sigc tools (lot 1), Services development tool centralized sigc (lot 2) and services construction, Packaging and deployment of mobile applications (lot 3)
USA SIGC OCS ASSN., INC.--October 5-9, 2006, Nashville, Tennessee, Contact Robert Kerns, Phone (615) 391-0867, Email