SIGCAPHSpecial Interest Group on Computers and the Physically Handicapped (ACM)
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In accordance with policy, the SIG Board voted on August 5 to approve the request to extend the terms of officers for the following Special Interest Groups: SIGForth; SIGOPS; SIGIR; SIGOIS; SIGSIM; SIGMICRO; SIGCOMM; SIGSAC; SIGCAPH, and SIGUCCS.
SIGCAPH is also planning a research-oriented conference for 1993, to focus on the leading edge technology in this field.
Randy Dipner, ACM SIGCAPH chairman, obtained a $12,094 NSF grant to conduct a study to determine the number and the nature of handicapped persons in the computing profession.
SIG Chairs David Johnson, SIGACT Mark Gerhardt, SIGAda Marilyn Pritchard, SIGAPL Doug DeGroot, SIGARCH Jon Doyle, SIGART Elias Awad, SIGBDP William Hammond, SIGBIO Randy Dipner, SIGCAPH Ronald Anderson, SIGCAS Wendy Mackay, Cochair, SIGCHI Austin Henderson, Cochair, SIGCHI Vinton Cerf, SIGCOMM Raymond McLeod, SIGCPR Elliot Koffman, SIGCSE John Lawson, SIGCUE Chuck Shaw, SIGDA R.