SIGCASSpecial Interest Group on Computers and Society (ACM)
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Public Policy Committee) will organize the event in cooperation with SIGCAS (ACM Special Interest Group on Computers and Society).
Since then there has been ongoing work in SIGCAS, and USACM, established in 1994, began to emerge as an increasingly influential group under the leadership of Barbara Simons.
ACM SIGCAS Conference on Computers and the Quality of Life CQL '90.
Two such periodicals are the Computers & Society Newsletter, published quarterly by SIGCAS of the ACM, and the IEEE Technology & Society magazine.
Sponsors: SIGCOMM, SIGSAC, SIGCAS, ABA/SCI-TECH, Search Group Elect.
Gerberick, a member of the ACM since 1969, is a member of SIGSAC, and SIGCAS.