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SIGCATSpecial Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications Technology
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To get further information or to obtain a copy of the SIGCAT CD-ROM Compendium, contact SIGCAT at 703/435-5200; Fax: 703/435-5553;
Judith Lamont, editor of SIGCAT's bimonthly DISCourse newsletter and technical journal, commented that: "Of the five tracks, Emerging Technology with its preconference workshop `A Journeyman's Guide to DVD, CD, MO, and PD' by Hugh Bennett and Paul Nicholls and conference sessions on DVD clearly attracted the most attention.
"PAIS on CD-ROM: Compliance with SIGCAT'S CDCINC Guidelines," CD-ROM World 8 (June 1993): 18-20.
This proposal is also from SIGCAT, from its CD-ROM Consistent INterface Committee (CD-CINC).
We worked hard to launch the debut of Romware at the November 1988 SIGCAT meeting, at which I demonstrated Romware using a database from the USGS.
The SIGCAT meeting finale was a demonstration by Philips Consumer Electronics of their CD-1 Full Motion Video adapter with a CD-I exercise workout program by Kathy Smith.
The sysop for the CD-ROM conference is Jerry McFaul, who is also the founder of SIGCAT, the Special Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications and Technology.
The contractor was familiar with the CDROM projects pioneered by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the interagency work of the Special Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications & Technology (SIGCAT).
The CD-ROM government users group, called SIGCAT (Special Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications and Technology), has been in existance since E.J.