SIGCENUS Army Signal Center (Ft. Gordon, GA)
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The SIGCEN and INTELCEN Directors of Combat Development have developed an update to the existing Trojan Spirit to WIN-T Migration Plan that is to be published later this year.
The Network MAPEX was an integrated Signal Center effort as the BCBL (G) invited SIGCEN subject matter experts from the Directorate of Combat Developments and the SIGCEN TRADOC Systems Managers.
Tenders are invited for Automation Of Sigcen Incl Integrated Exchange Management Sys For Hq 17 Corps
Tenders are invited for Power Management Unit Alongwith Accessories And Environmental Control System For Sigcen Complex For Hq 17 Corps
Tenders are invited for Modernization of Sigcen, Crycen, Exch Console Room, Fault control and power room at comn complex Nacrota.
Tenders are invited for Proc Of Sty And Consumables For Sigcen And Awan Nodes
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Multifunction Devices, Heavy Duty Printers And Fax Machines For Sigcens Of Sriganganagar, Abohar, Fazilka, Lalgarh Jattan And Faridkot Out Of Tag
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Stationary And Consumables For Sigcens Of 39 Mtn Div And Its Bde