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SIGESilicon Germanium
SIGESouthern Indiana Gas & Electric Co.
SIGESub-Ice Geological Exploration
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Now using silicon-germanium (SiGe) and silicon (Si) strained-layer epitaxy, including creating novel Si heterostructure transistors, has become commercially viable, thanks to the efforts of literally thousands of scientists and engineers, and they are well represented in this collection of 13 articles, which includes accounts of the basic science, history and applications of SiGe and Si strained-layer epitaxy.
SiGe has said that the SE2534A is supplied in an industry-standard LGA package that is pin-to-pin compatible with alternative 802.
However, traditional SiGe bipolar transistors cannot be built on a thin SOI wafer.
By combining SiGe bipolar performance with a mature 130nm CMOS copper backend, it enables high performance RF with more integrated digital logic.
This is the fifth consecutive year that SiGe Semiconductor has achieved annual revenue growth of more than 40 percent," said Sohail Khan, chief executive officer, SiGe Semiconductor.
The reference platform includes NeoMagic's MiMagic 6+ applications processor, NordNav's cost-effective E5500 GPS software, and SiGe Semiconductor's SE8088L high-performance positioning system.
The SSDOI structure was created by transferring strained Si grown epitaxially, or layer by layer, on relaxed SiGe to a buried oxide layer.
TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors' SiGe HBT process is in manufacturing in Heilbronn, Germany, since 1998.
ANDOVER, MA, and OTTAWA, May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- SiGe Semiconductor today announced the shipment of more than 250 million integrated circuits (ICs), reinforcing its position among the leading suppliers of RF front-end solutions enabling wireless multimedia in consumer electronics.
The milestone underscores the growing use of SiGe technology in chip applications that demand a combination of very high speed, reduced power consumption and the economies made possible by SiGe's production on standard silicon-based semiconductor tooling and manufacturing lines.
I am extremely pleased with the progress SiGe made in 2006 as we continue to enable the world's most innovative and demanding wireless consumer products," said William Burke, SiGe's CFO.
SiGe Semiconductor delivers innovative radio frequency (RF) solutions enabling the wireless multimedia networks and applications consumers depend on every day.