SIGECOMSpecial Interest Group on Electronic Commerce (ACM)
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Vectren Corporation (NYSE: VVC), an energy holding company, said on 14 August that it has agreed to sell its remaining interest in SIGECOM LLC to WideOpenWest LLC, a telecommunications company that serves Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.
SIGECOM has provided cable, telephone and high-speed Internet services to the greater Evansville area since 1999 and its services now reach more than 75,000 residences and 5,500 businesses.
"We are the premier fiber-optic provider right now," says Bill McCormick, Sigecom's director of commercial sales, adding that the company's relationship with utilities gives it a strong local foothold.
Feldman is also chair of ACM's SIGecom, which was chartered at the beginning of 1999.
For more information about future conferences and the activities of SIGecom, go to sigecom/.
Sigecom offers high-speed Internet service in Evansville and recently obtained a franchise to start service in Indianapolis through the brand name TOTALink.
SIGecom has begun planning for a conference on the Foundations and Practical Experiences of Electronic Commerce, which is expected to become an annual event.
A SIGecom electronic newsletter is also being developed.
In Evansville and Newburgh, SIGECOM uses primarily fiber-optic technology for high-speed access.
In the Evansville area, the race pits a provider of wireless Internet services against an unusual hybrid called SIGECOM, a locally based partnership between regional utility Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Co.
Farther south, SIGECOM - a communications company in Evansville that is a joint venture between Utilicom Networks and local gas and electric utility SIGCORP - is in the process of building a full-service, state-of-the art network in that city.