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SIGGSignori (Italian: Mister)
SIGGSocieta Italiana di Gerontologia e Geriatria (Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics)
SIGGSociety of Indexers Genealogical Group (UK)
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"Sigg has asked us for a reliable skipper to take her out," remarked one of the partners; and the other, after reflecting for a while, said: "I think MacWhirr is ashore just at present." "Is he?
As soon as they found themselves alone in their office across the yard: "You praised that fellow up to Sigg. What is it you see in him?" asked the nephew, with faint contempt.
Sigg, you know -and doubtless they'll continue you out there in command," said the junior partner.
Sigg liked a man of few words, and one that "you could be sure would not try to improve upon his instructions." MacWhirr satisfying these requirements, was continued in command of the Nan-Shan, and applied himself to the careful navigation of his ship in the China seas.
"The time available to make a decision has shortened dramatically," says Sigg. "Now, when you go to an art fair, you have one hour to decide whether or not to spend [your money]."
"We're extremely grateful for the support of Sub Zero and SIGG to help equip us for the trip, and we're now very excited to share our story through writing and talks."
The expressions of spo0A, sigF, sigE, sigK, sigG, and the enterotoxin gene cpe, which are involved in the production of spores and enterotoxin in C.
The most recent of these, "M+ Sigg Collection: Four Decades of Chinese Contemporary Art," mattered to the institution as no other had.
Sigg Jungle Fun water bottle (0.3 litres), Blacks, Was PS9.50, Now PS5.
SAVE: PS3 Sigg Jungle Fun water bottle (0.3 litres), Blacks, |Was PS9.50, Now PS5.
Potential presenters should submit a topic description and brief vita to Michele Sigg,, by February 27, 2015.
BY AL BAUMOL & SUFYAN SIGG, Cofounders, TenSource