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SIGGRAPHSpecial Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
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com will also be attending the international SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival.
We are honored to produce the SIGGRAPH 2003 Computer Animation Festival program guide," said Charlie Shively, Computer Graphics World publisher.
Blinn, by the way, will be honored at SIGGRAPH this year for his longtime contributions to the field.
The second annual SIGGRAPH Business Symposium was held on Sunday, featuring keynote speakers Carl Rosendahl, founder of Pacific Data Images, venture capitalist, and co-director of Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center-Silicon Valley, and John Textor, chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Media Group.
In the Studio at SIGGRAPH 2001, attendees of all skill levels are invited to sign up to use the latest off-the-shelf, commercial animation software to develop, create, or refine 2D and 3D ideas, concepts, and data into living, breathing animation.
Jane McGonigal is an ideal keynote for SIGGRAPH 2012 as the perfect illustration of this year's conference theme," said Rebecca Strzelec, SIGGRAPH 2012 Conference Chair from Penn State Altoona.
Second, the first graph, last sentence, should read "Together, the companies will present this live performance of a CG version of the famous Muppet character at the Keynote Address/Awards for SIGGRAPH 2000" rather than "Together, the companies will present this live performance of a CG version of the famous Muppet character at the Keynote Speech for SIGGRAPH 2000" as originally issued.
View more information on becoming a SIGGRAPH 2012 exhibitor or advertiser.
Editors attending the show and working in the Media Center will have complete instructions in order to locate SIGGRAPH 98-related news releases easily and quickly.
The SIGGRAPH Mobile submission deadline is 1 May 2012.
According to Smith, since debuting at SIGGRAPH in 2009, the quality of submissions continues to be more competitive and impressive each year.
After SIGGRAPH 2011 broke Vancouver's previous all-time conference attendance records, it has become one of the most memorable SIGGRAPH conference cities.