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SIGGRAPHSpecial Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques
SIGGRAPHSpecial Interest Group on Computer Graphics
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A number of products were demonstrated at SIGGRAPH based on instrumented human subjects.
The SIGGRAPH 1993 conference in Anaheim has the theme "The Eye of Technology" and should be a spectacular event. will also be attending the international SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival.
At the same time, visualization experts themselves don't mind showing off a little, especially when their work appears at SIGGRAPH, where scientific visualization shares the stage with dancing raisins and Hollywood dinosaurs.
At SIGGRAPH, the Khronos Group will be hosting education sessions covering many of these Khronos standards, including Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions spanning across two days of the event.
Christie projectors will also illuminate the prestigious 44th annual SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival, displaying advances in computer graphics.
Siggraph delegates wore Google T-shirts, sported facial hair and carried laptops; the folks at ATF were kitted out in business suits and ran out to lunch at 1 p.m.
Baraff, "Linear-time dynamics using Lagrange multipliers", Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 1996, ACM Press / ACM SIGGRAPH, Computer Graphics Proceedings, pp.
In what has become almost a tradition, ACM Press and its publishing partner, Addison Wesley Longman, released graphics-oriented books just in time for SIGGRAPH, the annual ACM-sponsored graphics exposition.
Separately, the company is planning to announce the first major revision of its Wildcat 3D graphics accelerator at Siggraph next week.
Displayed last summer in Las Vegas at the Association for Computing Machinery's SIGGRAPH '91 conference, the demonstration proved a crowd-pleaser, not just at the meeting but earlier within Boeing itself.
AMD had some software news to announce at Siggraph, especially a renderer and a photo stitcher.