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SIGHSurgical Instrument Group Holdings Ltd. (UK)
SIGHStandardization Initiative for Glycated Haemoglobin Scheme (clinical chemistry)
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Let them sympathise with me and sigh with me on account of my chilblains: "At the ice of knowledge will he yet FREEZE TO DEATH!"--so they mourn.
"I wish I could remember her," said the Story Girl, with a little sigh. "I haven't even a picture of her.
Porthos sighed for the fifth time -- D'Artagnan had counted his sighs.
`I couldn't afford to learn it.' said the Mock Turtle with a sigh. `I only took the regular course.'
"That I cannot tell you either," said the servant, "for I have not seen her face all the way: I have indeed heard her sigh many times and utter such groans that she seems to be giving up the ghost every time; but it is no wonder if we do not know more than we have told you, as my comrade and I have only been in their company two days, for having met us on the road they begged and persuaded us to accompany them to Andalusia, promising to pay us well."
This unguarded expression made Montalais laugh and Raoul sigh with happiness, for he interpreted it thus: "She knows all our love."
But the Gnat only sighed deeply, while two large tears came rolling down its cheeks.
(And I heard nor sigh nor groan) With heavy thump, a lifeless lump, They dropped down one by one.
"Most generally it doesn't take so long," sighed Pollyanna; "and lots of times now I just think of them WITHOUT thinking, you know.
"The only thing is to prepare ourselves for changes," said Sighs, who had conducted the fifth form for five and twenty years with unparalleled incompetence.
One sighed, and another sighed, and Marian's plump figure sighed biggest of all.
And I said -- "She is warmer than Dian: She rolls through an ether of sighs -- She revels in a region of sighs.