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SIGHSurgical Instrument Group Holdings Ltd. (UK)
SIGHStandardization Initiative for Glycated Haemoglobin Scheme (clinical chemistry)
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And Beth looked at her rough hands with a sigh that any one could hear that time.
I know not that l especially needed the lesson, either in the way of warning or rebuke; but at any rate, I learned it thoroughly: nor, it gives me pleasure to reflect, did the truth, as it came home to my perception, ever cost me a pang, or require to be thrown off in a sigh.
That I cannot tell you either," said the servant, "for I have not seen her face all the way: I have indeed heard her sigh many times and utter such groans that she seems to be giving up the ghost every time; but it is no wonder if we do not know more than we have told you, as my comrade and I have only been in their company two days, for having met us on the road they begged and persuaded us to accompany them to Andalusia, promising to pay us well.
More especially is this the case with those whose lines breathe sadness, where the refrain comes like a sigh at the end of a regret:
You think there are enough of us here to make it so," returned the lady, with an affected sigh.
Raoul came in contact with that trembling hand, took it within his own, and carried it so respectfully to his lips, that he might be said to have deposited a sigh upon it rather than a kiss.
Yes," replied the old man, heaving the monosyllable from his chest with a hoarse, broken sigh.
Well, as he actually is going away," Sir Charles remarked with a sigh of content, "I suppose it's no use being jealous.
That reminds me," she went on, with a little sigh, "I must warn you about father.
Cornelius heaved a sigh, which might have been called a groan.
Having carefully brushed his hair and whiskers all the wrong way to make them look as shaggy as possible, the shaggy man breathed a deep sigh of joy and decided he was ready to meet the Royal Princess as soon as she sent for him.
I'll try to obey mother ALWAYS," wrote Sara Ray, with a tremendous sigh, as if she fully realized the difficulty of keeping such a resolution.