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SIGINTSignals Intelligence
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This includes deep sensing; integrated SIGINT, EW, and cyberspace capabilities; and foundational intelligence capabilities that feed both mission command and fires.
Although not reported by the French media, or confirmed by the French government, it is entirely possible that AdlA TransAllianz C-160G2 Gabriel SIGINT aircraft may have assisted in the overall COMINT-gathering effort against ISIS in Iraq.
Seldom during the Cold War was NSA able to provide the timely, detailed, and high-grade intelligence on the Soviet Union that American and British SIGINT agencies had gathered on Germany and Japan during World War II.
(9) The ELINT and COMINT capabilities--lumped together as "SIGINT"--were becoming critical to support the increasingly technical air war in Southeast Asia.
SIGINT, including both communications intelligence (COMINT) and electronic--typically radar--intelligence (ELINT), is, therefore, becoming as integral a part of network-centric warfare as any other type intelligence.
His 1996 book, Secret Power, is based on extensive interviews with and help from members of the New Zealand SIGINT organisation.
The Swedes reorganized their military repeatedly during the interwar years in response to potential adversaries and developed a SIGINT organization that would serve it well during World War II.
The NRO's early SIGINT satellite program, know as Galactic Background Experiment, or GRAB, provided an unprecedented means to map Soviet air defense radars and other systems.
The United States had begun collecting signals intelligence (or Sigint) before World War II, but had avoided creating a single authority to handle it all.
TRW Systems and Information Group, Sunnyvale, Calif., is being awarded a $44,962,144 modification to a cost-plus-award-fee contract to provide for development of a production configuration version of the Joint Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) Avionics Family High Band Subsystem Demonstration unit.
Virginia Beach, VA, May 21, 2019 --( Exhibiting cutting-edge TSCM and SIGINT solutions and equipment.