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SIGLECSialic Acid-Binding Immunoglobulin-Like Lectin
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If that hypothesis is correct, adding another Siglec gene to mice should make the rodents live longer.
Longevity by the numbers How long a species lives depends upon the number of "Siglec" genes it carries, a new study suggests.
The genes produce proteins known as CD33-related Siglecs.
These Siglecs are proteins that recognize different versions of sialic acid, sugars that stud cells in the body.
When the researchers genetically engineered mice to lack one of the Siglecs, encoded by a gene called Siglec-E, those mice died younger than mice that had all five intact genes.
The finding suggests that Siglecs protect against oxidative damage, but exactly how they do it isn't known.
The study provides preliminary but intriguing data that Siglecs play a role in keeping inflammation and oxidative damage--and thus aging--at bay.
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