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SIGMASociety of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America
SIGMASupport for Improvement in Governance and Management (EU, OECD)
SIGMASealed Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association
SIGMASocio-Sexual Investigations of Gay Men and Aids (longitudinal study, England and Wales)
SIGMAScience de l’Information Géoréférencée pour la Maîtrise de l’environnement et l’Aménagement des territoires
SIGMASimulation Guided Memory Analyzer
SIGMASediment Identification for Geotechnics by Marine Acoustics
SIGMASequential Information Gathering in Machines and Animals
SIGMASpecial Interest Group on Multimedia/Medical Applications
SiGMAGas-Particle Interactions in a Microgravity Flow Cell
SIGMASoftware Industrialized Generator & Maintenance Aids
SIGMAStrategic Information for Global Markets in Agrochemicals
SIGMASite Information Generation & Materiel Accountability Plan
SIGMAStudent Information & Grades Management Application (University of British Columbia; Vancouver, BC, Canada)
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Using the Lean Six Sigma approach, we went directly from defining the process to improving it," said Petrash.
Sigma is a statistical term that measures how far a given process deviates from perfection.
Raytheon's application of Six Sigma tools during development can be traced to the AIM-9X Sidewinder Missile Engineering and Development program.
However, the published benefits of deploying Six Sigma come from utilization of the DMAIC methodology and from the focus an organization brings to the deployment.
The Six Sigma process begins by first gaining an important understanding of one's internal and external customers (in PR, internal customers are those people who fund PR; an external customer might be a journalist, an analyst, an employee or an actual customer).
Six Sigma connects the voice of the customer to the business, helping to sustain the company's long-term success in its marketplace.
Six Sigma has been successful at Honeywell because we are committed to ensuring it permeates every nook and cranny of the company We make Six Sigma metrics and evaluations part of every business leader's semi-annual management talent reviews.
Sigma Networks hubbed SONET Services allow customers to greatly reduce costs via economies of scale.
Wendt knew at the time Conseco's board of directors recruited him that he could import his Six Sigma experience from GE Capital to rebuild Conseco.
When Sigma struck the deal with Honeywell, natural gas cost about $2.
Industry estimates show Sigma's SMP8634 chip is in about 75% of the IPTV set-top boxes worldwide, more than any other semiconductor offered to the industry, making Sigma a true pioneer in leading global IPTV services.
Lean Six Sigma combines the practices of Lean production techniques and Six Sigma quality control.