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SIGMETSignificant Meteorological Information
SIGMETSignificant Meteorological Advisory
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This NEXTGEN feature is used in several map displays as for AIRMETs and SIGMETs.
I explained to the CO the boundaries of the SIGMET, the conditions expected (severe), and how the weather was progressing as forecast.
a SIGMET is for "pilots of aircraft sensitive to the weather."
FIS-B textual data application shows AIRMETs, METARs, NOTAMs, SIGMETs, SPECI and TAF data.
We said we wanted to avoid the weather (big, ugly sigmet ...
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-23 December 2005-Vaisala Oyj acquires US software company SIGMET Corporation(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Jacksonville Center: "Citation you've got Convective Sigmet 4 Central?"
"While inbound, approach control took down the icing info from our experience and passed it along, resulting in an icing Sigmet issuance.
HIWAS is an automated, continuous broadcast of inflight weather advisories, which include AWW, SIGMET, Convective SIGMET, CWA, AIRMET (text [WA] or graphical [G-AIRMET] products), and urgent PIREP.
A Sigmet was in effect for the area at the time of the accident.
When the FAA's Aviation Weather Center has not issued a Convective Sigmet, but its air route traffic control centers get pilot reports or radar indications of thunderstorms, the center meteorologist may issue a center weather advisory (CWA) giving essentially the same type of warning.