SIGTARPSpecial Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (Washington, DC)
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After the Nevada audit, Grassley asked SIGTARP to review the program nationwide for wasteful expenses.
According to the SIGTARP report, there are currently 69 banks and credit unions remaining.
By comparison, Barofsky reports that by the time he stepped out of the SIGTARP position on March 31, 2012, there were "fewer than 800,000 ongoing permanent modifications," a number that was growing "at a glacial pace.
statute, SIGTARP is required to audit the Treasury Department's
SIGTARP (2009a) and Congressional Oversight Panel (2009) provide a more detailed analysis of the TARP funds distributed to other programs.
81) SIGTARP is conducting an audit of HAMP's compliance policies, the results of which are forthcoming.
Transparency and the Specific Uses of TARP Capital All of the Oversight Bodies, but especially SIGTARP, have persisted in criticizing Treasury about the banks' use of the TARP capital funds.
Yet in October the bailout watchdog SIGTARP cited HAMP's poor oversight, and consumer advocates say there is no clear way to report wrongdoing.
The problem with delegating the matter is Treasury had "limited communications" with the Federal Reserve, SIGTARP officials write.
Goldman Sachs received about one-twentieth of the CPP funds passed out according to SIGTARP (2009, p.
We are coordinating our work with COP and SIGTARP and are meeting with officials from both entities to share information and coordinate our oversight efforts.