SIGTTOSociety of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators Ltd
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Jennifer Siddon, senior manager, corporate communications for Woodfibre LNG, insists the project complies with SIGTTO standards and that Howe Sound and the company's LNG site "are well suited for a liquefied natural gas facility.
The SIGTTO Standards are agreed criteria for best practices and acceptable standards to provide safety to the industry and to enhance energy security.
ETPL had earlier conducted a thorough site specific QRA in line with SIGTTO and PIANC guidelines wherein the QRA assessed three of the proposed sites of ETPL.
The Port Qasim Authority is being pressurized by the MP&NR to agree to what are clear violations of international codes, standards and SIGTTO guidelines.
The SIGTTO review of best practice guidance refers to the benefits of siting terminals away from developed areas.
Working with experts across the globe - BP Shipping, Shell, Maersk and SIGTTO, amongst many others - it has created a comprehensive package of training covering the essentials required when operating in this important market.