SIHRMStrategic International Human Resource Management
SIHRMSingapore Institute of Human Resource Management (est. 1965)
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Since SIHRM attempts to squarely place IHRM in a strategic context (Schuler et al., 1993), this paper links international training systems with strategy.
This is not to negate that cultural differences between business units (BUs) may significantly impact SIHRM or training practices.
In one of the most recent SIHRM models, Taylor and colleagues (Taylor et al., 1996) have identified three different SIHRM orientations in MNCs: adaptive, exportive and integrative.
The second, an exportive SIHRM orientation is one in which the parent firm's HRM system is being transferred to its different affiliates.
* To offer a definition of the field of strategic international human resource management (SIHRM) and to present an integrative framework for this new field of practice and research which identifies key factors and characteristics and their inter-relationships.
* To suggest some implications of this framework for academics and practitioners working in the field of SIHRM.
While globalisation might be said to create many of the conditions in which SIHRM becomes relevant, especially in firms whose business is truly global in the sense that they have operating personnel in many different countries, there is a view that 'culture' is becoming less important in many respects.
In addition to strategy, an MNCs approach to SIHRM may also be determined by the relative influence of home country and host country culture, values and practices.
(1996) argued that an effective SIHRM system "should be constructed around specific organizational competencies that are critical for securing competitive advantage (p.
Performance management, as an element of SIHRM, is the process of transforming strategic objectives into action, monitoring progress, and rewarding results (Fenwick/De Cieri 1995, Hitchcock 1992).
International business challenges and opportunities bring managerial imperatives associated with effective strategic international human resource management (SIHRM).