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SIICSociedad Iberoamericana de Información Científica
SIICSupreme Islamic Iraqi Council (Iraq)
SIICSociétés d'Investissements Immobiliers Cotées (Les Echos, French paper)
SIICSee If I Care
SIICSaudi International Innovation Conference
SIICStandard International Industrial Classification
SIICSpecial Interest Item Code
SIICSwiss Institute for Interdisciplinary Conflict Research
SIICSequential Iterative Interference Cancellation
SIICSerious Injury/Illness Case
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This is not just a divestment of asset but also a formation of strategic partnership with SIIC and its subsidiaries", he added.
We strongly denounce the double standard in the stance of the world and the regional countries on the presence of invading forces in Bahrain," Hadi Al-Amiri, a top official of the SIIC, told the demonstrators referring to the forces of the Persian Gulf states in Bahrain.
A source who requested to remain unnamed said that "old disagreements have accumulated between the leaders of the SIIC which recently have come to the surface and may lead to a split within the Shiite party.
As part of the agreement, SFL, a unit of Spaina[euro](tm)s Colonial (MCE:L1CAR), will transfer two office buildings to SIIC for the agreed stake.
Abdul-Mahdi, a respected economist and a prominent Shi'ite Arab whose family originated from the Sunni clan which was part of the tribe of al-Muntafek of today's Saudi Arabia, is a member of the SIIC leadership.
The SCIRI was renamed SIIC in more recent years as the Shi'ite party removed "revolution".
On March 28, an APS source in Baghdad said Maleki was specifically pointing a finger at the SIIC and the Quds Forces, the latter being the external arm of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), though the PM did not mention them by name.
The Buratha website, which is close to the SIIC, reported that the Iraqi ambassador to Washington, Samir al-Samarrai, was slapped by a Maliki guard during the premier s visit last week to the United States.
The SIIC returned to Iraq in the aftermath of the U.
This means, of course, that al-Maliki is in a very weak position and will be able to govern only with the support of SIIC and other radical, anti-U.
While SIIC is viewed as close to Iran among Iraqis, it has developed a close working relationship with the United States as well, and SIIC leader Abd el-Aziz al-Hakim has visited in the Oval Office with President George W.
However, he also may fear that he will lose his status as the standard-bearer of Iraqi Shi'ite militancy if he continues to compel his followers not to strike back against what they consider to be SIIC provocation.