SIILSterlite Industries India Ltd. (Tamil Nadu, India)
SIILSponge Iron India Limited (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India)
SIILSerum Institute of India Ltd. (est. 1966; Pune, Maharashtra, India)
SIILSiilinjärvi (Finnish)
SIILSostegno Integrato Inserimento Lavorativo (Italian: Inclusion Support Integrated Working; disabled workers)
SIILSemantic Information Integration Laboratory (Khon Kaen University; Thailand)
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SIIL has modest scale of operations and large working capital requirements.
Through trial and error over several semesters with volunteer professors, SIIL and student volunteers worked out a functional model (see Figure 1).
SIIL Deputy COO Abdul Salam Abu Issa and elder brother of Mohammed revealed that the Dakar Rally days were quite tough for the entire family.
Despite the proposals submitted, the QFMA "remained silent", resulting in the extension of the suspension of trading, since February this year, although SIIL has clarified the negative impact and the damaging results that are "irredeemable," it said.
HH the Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani visitng the SIIL stand at the 'Made in Qatar' exhibition.
SIIL has joined hands with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which worked in co-operation with the Ministry of Energy and Industry to use the exhibition to contribute in building the national economy.
SIIL board member and executive director Bassam Abu Issa said that it is an honour to welcome HH Sheikh Tamim to the SIIL booth at "Made in Qatar".
It is the steady vision of the leadership of this nation that is steering to Qatar to greater heights and SIIL considers it a privilege to unhesitatingly contribute to that vision.
Lebanese and Gulf investors, such as; Doha-based Salam International Investment or SIIL plans a private bank investment in Lebanon with a $13 million capital, said SIIL, a Qatari construction services provider.
According to the CEO of SIIL, Issa Abdel Salam Abu Issa, The capital of the bank may later be increased depending on the results of the private placement, which chose businessmen and corporations from Lebanon and other nations will take part in.
Based on the Inspection Report of National Environment Engineering Research Institute ('NEERI'), Central Pollution Control Board ('CPCB') and Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board ('TNPCB') the Hon'ble Supreme Court has directed TNPCB to issue directions, within two weeks from the date of the order, to the Copper Smelter Unit of SIIL to implement the improvements measures suggested by NEERI, CPCB and TNPCB.
Borrowings at SIIL consolidated level as at 31 March 2010 were Rs 9,260 crore, comprising of borrowings at Sterlite copper, including FCCB, at Rs 5,322 crore, Rs 2,012 crore at BALCO and Rs 1,866 crore at Sterlite Energy.