SIIPSSelection & Implementation of Integrated Packaged Software
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is one of the country's largest check processing operations and worked with NCR (then AT&T GIS) as a strategic partner to develop and validate the SIIPS POD solution.
Boone said the SIIPS POD solution enables the bank to significantly reduce staff and reduce equipment costs as well as to introduce new products and services much faster.
SIIPS POD was installed seamlessly in the CPCS environment without impacting the host system.
The SIIPS POD System is very attractive to us because of the high degree of scalability it offers in meeting our various site requirements," said Virginia Otter, senior vice president of Item Processing at National City.
has implemented multiple imaging applications that include Image Statements, CD-ROM Image Delivery and SIIPS POD in its San Antonio operations center.
Frost is now in the process of implementing a second SIIPS installation at its remote center in Houston.
To complement the price and performance advantages of the NCR System 3000-based SIIPS architecture, NCR developed the NCR 7780, a document transport system that is specifically designed for imaging.
The open system design of SIIPS should reduce check processing costs and provide financial institutions with image solutions that they can match to their operations environments as opposed to the system dictating the environment.
NCR's System 3000, a key component of SIIPS, is a seven-level family of general-purpose, scalable, microprocessor-based computer systems that span a performance range from 2.