SIJSacroiliac Joint
SIJSpecial Immigrant Juvenile
SIJSistema Integrado de Justicia (Spanish: Integrated Justice System)
SIJSt. Isaac Jogues (church; various locations)
SIJStand-In Jamming
SIJSuresnes Information Jeunesse (French: Suresnes Youth Information)
SIJSignal Initiated Jamming
SIJScientific International Journal (Bayamón, Puerto Rico)
SIJService Insertion Jeunes (French: Youth Service Integration)
SIJSisters of the Infant Jesus (Catholic order)
SIJSection Identité Judiciaire (French: Criminal Records Section; Canada)
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En even verderop: Dis die wurm, die verderflike invloede wat onse volk se ruggegraat verbreek; wat onse jeug van sij reinheid ontroof,-- wat onse meisies se harte met vuilheid besoedel, wat onse seuns met sedelike melaatsheid besmet!
INFINITO SENZA PREPOSIZIONE: "sijno obbligati soddisfare a detta obbligatione"; "che sij tenuto far restaurare le Case, migliorare ..."; "l'accontento" [perdere li cinquanta scudi '[con significato riflessivo cioe (mio padre) si accontento di perdere"; "et se obbliga lei, et suoi beni presenti, e futuri alimentarlo lui, la moglie, et figlij, se ne havera";
SIJ says their members want the opportunity to take the certificate without having to join the BJA.
In order to find the shortest driving route between two specific points within the street network, the weights sij, the numeral values of which are equal to the section lengths, should be attributed to the street sections.
We found only one study of PRF application for sacroiliac joint (SIJ) pain (10).
13) The total time required for machining each Sij set of surfaces is calculated.
(4) Any physical exertion ie arising from a low set lounge chair or stooping to pick up something from the floor, would cause a resultant increase of pressure on the abdominal walls and even more tension on the belt and therefore the SIJ.
SIJ Warr should have acknowledged those errors in his conduct of a statutory reconsideration.
For more information contact John Sij, Texas A&M AgriLife Communications,
to provide the 12th Circuit with 1) legal representation of special immigrant juveniles (SIJ) who are abused, abandoned, or neglected, whether in the protection of the Department of Children and Families or identified through the schools to obtain legal permanent residents (LPR), and 2) legal representation of immigrant women and children who are victims of domestic violence from a U.S.