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SILSummer Institute of Linguistics
SILSafety Integrity Level
SILSilence (logging abbreviation)
SILSmithsonian Institution Libraries (Washington, DC)
SILStatement in Lieu
SILSuch Is Life
SILSupported Independent Living (various locations)
SILSquamous Intraepithelial Lesion
SILSaregama India Ltd. (est. 1946)
SILSignature in Lieu (California)
SILStated Income Loan (mortgages)
SILServices International Limited (India)
SILShift Indicator Light
SILSilicon Image
SILSingle in Line
SILSociété Internationale de Linguistique
SILSoftware in the Loop
SILService Information Letter
SILSingle In-Line
SILSistema Informativo Lavoro (Italian: Work Information System; database)
SILSocietas Internationalis Limnologiae
SILSolid Immersion Lens
SILSelf-Injection Locked (physics)
SILService Integration Leader (IBM)
SILServices for Independent Living
SILSo in Love
SILSystem Integration Laboratory
SILSound Intensity Level
SILSharp India Limited (India)
SILSpeech Interference Level
SILSing It Loud (band)
SILSpecial Import License
SILStandard Interchange Language
SILSound Interference Level
SILSleeping in Light (Babylon 5 TV series final episode)
SILSouth Island Line (Hong Kong)
SILSpace Innovations Limited
SILSurge Impedance Loading
SILSelf Instruction Lab
SILSiemianowicka Inicjatywa Libertarianska (Polish: Libertarian Siemianowicka Initiative)
SILSoftware Integration Laboratory
SILSystème d'Information Sur La Législation (French: System of Information on Legislation; Switzerland)
SILSurvivability Integration Laboratory
SILSoftware-in-Loop (application)
SILSimon India Limited (New Delhi, India)
SILSimulation Integration Laboratory
SILStrategic Industrial Location
SILSeriously Ill List
SILStorhamar Idrettslag
SILSelected Item List
SILSemiconductor Injection Laser
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The SIL pump exceeds the European Unions requirements for energy-related products (ErP).
Syeda Shehrbano Kazim, director of SIL said, 'This is the second time that two students from SIL have got First Class Distinctions in the same year.
In 2008, PCIL transferred majority of shares SIL to Pioneer Infrastructure Holding Limited (PIHL), another group company.
Missionaries of the State adds considerable complexity to the SIL story, highlighting how translation activities have often strengthened indigenous identity by providing a means for protest and resistance in native communities.
In the end, the SIL had worked with 81 language groups, had at least some converts in most of them, and, among the language groups where its efforts were most effective, counted several communities of 5,000 or more Protestants.
Diagnoses of CIN-II and CIN-III on biopsy were combined to get "high grade SIL (H-SIL) on biopsy" while CIN-I (with or without koilocytosis) was equated to "low grade SIL (L-SIL) on biopsy" for comparing with cytology.
Even if Townsend sometimes had to take pains to convince his potential backers in the United States of the religious foundations of his groups' linguistic services, Hartch claims that the religious overtones of the SIL would have been obvious to President Lazaro Cardenas in Mexico.
What is important to note is that individual products do not carry SIL ratings they can only be certified for use within a given SIL environment.
Low-grade SIL patients were randomized to either observation or cryotherapy.
In supporting SIL, the Dayton, Ohio-based UCC will manage requests for changes received by the SIL Standards Maintenance Committee, which was still being formed at press time.