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SILACStable Isotopes Labeling by Amino Acids in Cell Culture
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SILAC Incorporacion Las celulas debe biologica de ser cultivadas para Stable isotope nutrientes marcados permitir la labeling with isotopicamente para division celular, amino acids in el analisis de manera que cell culture cuantitativo de sean incorporados muestras.
Another SILAC performed on primary human foreskin fibroblasts overexpressing MARCH8 led to the discovery of 11 additional potential targets of MARCH8, in addition to the already established CD166.
It is important to note here that our method differs in a fundamental way from the "absolute SILAC" method proposed by Hanke et al.
Genes that have been found to be amplified are MRPA and gsh1 [15, 16] and the genomic results have been confirmed through various proteome analyses studies (RT-PCR, and SILAC) as well [17-19].
Siu, "Secretome analysis of skeletal myogenesis using SILAC and shotgun proteomics," International Journal of Proteomics, vol.
Thermo, through its Fisher acquisition, released the Thermo Scientific Pierce SILAC (Stable Isotope Labeling with Amino Acids in Cell Culture) Protein Quantitation Kit, featuring in vivo labeling capabilities.
A recent high-resolution mass spectrometric analysis combined with the stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture (SILAC) revealed the lysine acetylation of Prx enzymes in various cell types [51].
While the original [sup.15]N labelling can only compare two samples in one experiment, high-throughput quantitation was developed in the form of stable isotope labelling by amino acids (SILAC) [62].
They will re-sell a combined suite consisting of Applied Biosystems' iTRAQ and ICAT reagents for protein and peptide labeling in tissue samples and Invitrogen's SILAC metabolomic labeling technology for differential protein expression analysis in cell culture samples.
In this approach, proteins are first metabolically labeled by stable isotope labeling with amino acids in cell culture (SILAC) followed by chasing in normal medium.