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SILACStable Isotopes Labeling by Amino Acids in Cell Culture
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SILAC Incorporacion Las celulas debe biologica de ser cultivadas para Stable isotope nutrientes marcados permitir la labeling with isotopicamente para division celular, amino acids in el analisis de manera que cell culture cuantitativo de sean incorporados muestras.
SILAC experiments and high throughput flow cytometry studies have been performed in B cells (Hs-Sultan cells, which are an Epstein Barr virus positive Burkitt lymphoma) overexpressing MARCH9 in order to identify additional targets.
One such attempt using SILAC discovered that Bap31, a chaperone protein, predominately localized in the ER involved in forward transport and ERAD, associated with nearly all members of the MARCH family except for MARCH2 via their transmembrane domains.
TABLE 1: List of potential targets of MARCH9 identified in a SILAC experiment.
To this end, I will combine various cutting edge methods, like nanobody-based sequential purifications, SILAC mass spectrometry and 3D-SIM microscopy, to develop assays to isolate active replisomes from human cells and study the identified factors mechanistically.
3) Define mechanisms of cohesin-mediated transcriptional regulation in normal hematopoiesis and its alteration in leukaemia using SILAC based proteomics and ChIP-Seq co-binding
In concert, the company announced a co-marketing agreement with Applied Biosystems Group (NYSE:ABI), an Applera Corporation business, to facilitate the introduction of the SILAC technology.
Applied Biosystems will also provide software support for SILAC on its TOF/TOF(TM) family of products, including the newly launched 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF(TM) Analyzer, and plans to extend software support for the SILAC labeling technology to other Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX protein mass spectrometry systems.
SILAC technology and ICAT reagents are both protein labeling strategies compatible with 1D gel separation, which is the primary workflow for biologists.
Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: 1) Invitrogen's product lines and Applied Biosystems' expertise in mass spectrometry will facilitate the ability to introduce the technology to a broader market; 2) Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems will re-sell a suite of their combined technologies that will include SILAC technology Potential risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the risks: a) The alliance may not drive wider adoption of mass spectrometry applications; and b) Specific technologies in the co-marketing agreement may vary, as well as other risks and uncertainties detailed from time to time in Invitrogen's Securities and Exchange Commission filings.
High throughput proteomics (ICPL, SILAC and label-free analysis) will be used to identify new biomarkers of radiation-induced cardiovascular disease for future molecular epidemiological studies.