SILARSuccessive Ionic Layer Adsorption And Reaction
SILARSilicon Carbide Whiskers (reinforcement of metals, ceramics, and plastics)
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PbSbS quantum dots are synthesised on ZnO nanorodes photoelectrode by using two-stage SILAR method.
The number of Sb-S SILAR cycles equal to that of PbS SILAR cycle.
Absorbance spectra are taken at room temperature in air to obtain information of the optical properties of the Pb-Sb-S-coated ZnO photoelectrode with several SILAR cycles that is shown in Fig.
However, when SILAR cycles exceed 4, the adsorbed Pb-Sb-S increase along the thickness direction, the aggregation of Pb-Sb-S QDs and bad coverage of the ZnO nanorodes surface, the gap between ZnO nanorods decrease due to this absorption decreases by further increasing SILAR cycles.
Figure 4 show the pattern of EDX (energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy) of Pb-Sb-S coated ZnO nanorods with 3 SILAR cycles.
2]O) que replican un producto de la corrosion del zinc mediante la tecnica SILAR.
Microstructure analysis and formation mechanism of ZnO nanoporous film via the ultrasonic irradiation mediated SILAR method.
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