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ZincOx IZO was compared to the ZnO commercialized by Silar (Silox 2C) in an industrial EPDM formula.
The Dayak people know it as gabang, the people of Timor call it gawang, in Madura it is pocok, to the Betawi it is pucuk, among the Batak and Sasak it is ibus, while in Minahasa it is silar. Physically, a mature specimen ranges between 15 to 20 metres in height.
There are many other methods for preparing absorber layer such as successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) method (S N.M.
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The column used in the present study was a dual glass column (i.d 3 mm, 2.45 m length) and packing materials were Silar 10C (coating Gaschrom Q with Silar 10C at 5%, 80-100 mesh, Shimazu GLC, Tokyo).
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