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SILBASelf Insured Lumber Businesses Association, Inc. (Andover, Massachusetts)
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An homage to Ray Harryhausen, a creator of animated special effects, the film features four characters, each of whom carries a special affliction--the heroine, Lady Silba, is a crudely animated silver statue who periodically and unwillingly gets stuck in melancholy poses; John Prolong is too slow; Fox is immobile and contains his anima in a bell jar; Scratch the Hat is as jittery as an '80s "scratch" record.
Victim Brisia Silba, 20, came home about six weeks ago to find a screen on a window had been ripped off.
In 1998, SILBA began to print its official journal Albertiana, and Robert Tavernor published On Alberti and the Art of Building.