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SILCStatewide Independent Living Council
SILCSilicon Communications
SILCSecure Internet Live Conferencing
SILCSpring International Language Center (Arkansas)
SILCState Independent Living Center (various organizations)
SILCSéjours Internationaux Linguistiques et Culturels (French)
SILCSingle Incision Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
SILCStress Induced Leakage Current
SILCShore Infrastructure Logistics Center (US Coast Guard)
SILCStockpile Inventory List Comparator
SILCSoft Impact Location Capability
SILCSpallation-Induced Lithium Conversion
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The most work done on SILC procedures reports the use of different ports, such as triport, airseal port and X-cone with three or four holes and curved instruments.
Overall, the SILC data remains the most detailed and robust data source available for Irish individual and household income.
According to Turkish SILC figures, the share of materially deprived households was 60.
Z datoveho souboru SILC 2009 bylo zjisteno, ze v Ceske republice existuji dva generacne odlisne modely chovani domacnosti na trhu s bydlenim (Obr.
Mohamad El Asmar, representant du ministere de la Culture et directeur du Salon du Livre de Palestine, souligne que son pays etait toujours interesse a participer chaque annee au SILC, dans le but de renforcer les relations entre les deux peuples, palestinien et egyptien.
El marco teorico general de la investigacion es la historia conceptual en su acepcion germana; no obstante, para la construccion del Tesauro SILC se acudio a las fuentes bibliograficas tradicionales.
3) Dadas las conocidas deficiencias de los sistemas de circulacion y divulgacion cientificas que aquejan nuestro medio, este listado de titulos no puede considerarse sino representativo; otros titulos podran consultarse en el SILC en un mediano plazo.
She laments early in the show that SILC will become "a cultural hospice for the last of the lesbians, who will be dying off in the next 30 years.
It is known as the SILC standing for Supporting Independently Living Citizens.
The West Virginia and Kansas SILC organizational documents are included as examples.
For several years, MRS, SILC, and MACIL had negotiated the distribution of any available added Title VII CIL funding.
These conclusions are confirmed by the latest data of SILC by Eurostat for 2015.