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SILOSparc Improved Linux Loader
SILOSale-in, Lease-out (transaction)
SILOState of Iowa Libraries Online
SILOSystème d'Information de laboratoire de l'Ontario (French: Ontario Laboratory Information System; Ontario, Canada)
SILOSwitched Injection-Locked Oscillator
SILOSecurity Intelligence Liaison Office (US Navy)
SILOSealed Interface Local Oxidation
SILOSparc Linux Loader
SILOSignal Intercept from Low Orbit
SILOService in Logical Order (VMS queuing technique)
SILOSpecified Intended Learning Outcomes
SILOSub-Harmonically Injection-Locked Oscillator
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The silo chambers can also be heated for uninterrupted operating during winter months.
After arriving at the creamery on Monday, the 40ft high whey silos were craned into place the following day.
There is no record of the damages that take place and for the spare parts that are exchanged with the dates of exchanges which are considered very basic in the regulation process of the port's silo," the study said.
Using a tripod situated at the top of the silo, just like the ones used for confined space rescues, MPW lowers a worker in a full-body harness and seat approximately 5 ft at a time down the middle of the silo, similar to the process oil companies use to raise and lower workers servicing derricks.
Johnson and Harrison (2001) classified the management of silages into four categories: 1) harvesting 2) silo types 3) filling and covering, and 4) feed out period.
The latest installation has run smoothly and the silo will be used for a different grade of polypropylene used in the manufacture of windscreen related parts for many major global car manufacturers.
How do you see the silo development process in the coming period?
Scallop Silo Magic is a software technology for Big Data repositories that optimizes Silo efficiency that dramatically increases data access speed for various communication Silos that support emails, chats, documents, audio and video conferencing.
Technology has, recently, proved to be a great aid in silo busting.
Assim, este trabalho teve, como objetivo, a determinacao experimental do coeficiente de transferencia de cargas nas fundacoes de silos verticais cilindricos atraves da instrumentacao, por meio de celulas de carga de estacas localizadas sob o anel de um silo prototipo.
One of Scotland's leading livestock nutrition producers has turned to Hygiene Group, specialist cleaning contractor to the food industry, to undertake silo cleaning, a significant project which covers four sites and more than 120 individual storage silos.
A contract was signed with the Military Housing Establishment to replace the old metal cover of the upper hangar of al-Sbeineh silo with a new one.