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SILOSparc Improved Linux Loader
SILOSale-in, Lease-out (transaction)
SILOState of Iowa Libraries Online
SILOSystème d'Information de laboratoire de l'Ontario (French: Ontario Laboratory Information System; Ontario, Canada)
SILOSwitched Injection-Locked Oscillator
SILOSecurity Intelligence Liaison Office (US Navy)
SILOSparc Linux Loader
SILOSealed Interface Local Oxidation
SILOSignal Intercept from Low Orbit
SILOService in Logical Order (VMS queuing technique)
SILOSpecified Intended Learning Outcomes
SILOSub-Harmonically Injection-Locked Oscillator
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The second project aimed to expand the silos as it covered the domain of buildings and facilities, in addition to preparing a study on establishing two silos (Ma'ardes in Hama northern province and Tal Baidar in the northeastern province of Hasaka) through signing a contract with the General Company for Studies.
Son numerosos los estudios que se centran en analizar la incidencia de factores, tales como, el peso de los equipos de compactado, el contenido de humedad del forraje, el tiempo de compactado, el espesor de las capas a compactar, la altura del silo, ...
The silo is covered with a lightweight roof in the shape of a truncated cone with its element inclined by an angle of 30[degrees] to the horizontal.
The Federal Government has disclosed that the country is expected to earn a minimum of N6 billion from concessioned 19 silos over a period of 10 years.
Having dealt with a lot of "silo-ful" organizations, I have felt that the silos between teams, departments, and subsidiaries are analogous to the silos between humans.
At the silo location, a green indicator light signals an open interlock.
In Bungoma silo, an analysis revealed wet maize in several bins.
The walls of steel and concrete silos have been known to wear or fail causing cracking, denting, buckling and bending that can lead to catastrophic collapse.
For a deep silo (H/D [greater than or equal to] 1.5, where H is the silo height and D is the silo diameter), as shown in Figure 1, the wall pressure [P.sub.h] on the silo wall [6] is written as
WHEN bin lorries are parked up and even gritters are sliding off frozen roads, surely no one in their right mind would attempt to transport three giant silos across the frozen Denbighshire countryside?
BEIRUT: Economy Minister Raed Khoury announced Friday his decision to end the services of the director general of Port of Beirut's silo and five other employees for committing violations during their tenure.