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SILSSingle Incision Laparoscopic Surgery
SILSSchool of Information and Library Science
SILSSwammerdam Institute for Life Sciences
SILSStandard for Interoperable LAN Security
SILSSupply in Line Sequence
SILSStabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium (annual)
SILSSignificant Impact Level (air pollution measure)
SILSSecure Interoperable LAN/MAN Standard
SILSSociety of International Law - Singapore
SILsSupporting Independent Lifestyles (est. 2008)
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Although the figure of Zarathustra and a large number of the leading thoughts in this work had appeared much earlier in the dreams and writings of the author, "Thus Spake Zarathustra" did not actually come into being until the month of August 1881 in Sils Maria; and it was the idea of the Eternal Recurrence of all things which finally induced my brother to set forth his new views in poetic language.
Manager Doug Walker commented: "We were so proud of the 17 lads who represented Sils today as they gave absolutely everything for each other and justly came away as winners.
SILS is also setting up a network of children's homes across Merseyside, with the first in Cambridge Road, Seaforth, managed by Sara Osborne.
Highlighted products include SILS Hand Instruments for endoscopic tissue manipulation which will come to market soon and include the SILS Clinch, SILS Hook, SILS Shears and SILS Dissector; SILS Port 15mm Multiple Instrument Access Port; the reusable stapling platform iDrive Right Angle Linear Cutter; Black Endo GIA Reload with Tri-Staple Technology; and Curved Tip Reload.
Akkary began performing SILS procedures in the summer of 2009.
Patients with high-grade SIL were randomized to either cryotherapy or a loop electrosurgical procedure (LEEP).
The new SILS Stitch instrument is the only automated suturing device with articulating features and rotating tip to deliver optimal mobility.
The SILS Stitch instrument expands the company's SILS product line, as well as its endoscopic suturing portfolio, which includesaA the automated endosuturing product Endo Stitch instrument and reloads.