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SILTSchool Improvement Leadership Team (various locations)
SILTStudies in Language Testing
SILTSeparation in Lieu of Trial (by court martial; military justice)
SILTSmith Island Land Trust (North Carolina)
SILTSensation Intact to Light Touch
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Determinations of clay and silt contents for the ACU and EP soils used the pipette method (USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service National Soil Survey Center 1996; McKenzie et al.
Straw bales were used on the outflow of the lower lagoon to prevent silt from leaving the site.
The Environment Agency's Steve Wilkinson said: "The build-up of silt in culverts reduces the capacity for water to pass through, particularly when it's needed most during a flood.
Its other unique features are: Problems free, More storage than KBD due to repeated filling, More power generation, Needs no thermal power support like KBD, Gives unrestricted passage to super floods, Completely evacuates silt, and Has no adverse effect on Peshawar valley and It can irrigate Laki Marwat area of Bannu through a tunnel.
We advertise the fishing trip as a five-hour one, when in reality we can only offer people a four and a half hour trip because of the silt.
The council's deputy leader David Sage said: "Our contractors are on site and have confirmed that the removal of the silt extracted as part of the construction of the new marina and temporarily stored at Salt Lake is well under way.
Some of the oldest human footprints in the world > were found in silt on the beach at Happisburgh, Norfolk
was issued a notice of violation by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources after silt-laden water spilled from its silt pond No.
The transformation from silt into clay takes several stages.
Silt: Silt falls between clay and sand when it comes to the particle size.
They said the water level of the lake had dropped due to silt deposition and waste deposit.
In this case, the studies of dry regions of Iran indicate that sediment production due to gully development is related to three variables including drainage area, silt and sand percent of the watershed above the gully heads [10].