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SILTSShuttle Infrared Leeside Temperature Sensing
SILTSShuttle Infrared Lee Side Temperature Sensing (NASA)
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The contaminated silt had stayed in aquaria for 7 days in order for silt particles to complete the sorption of oil.
517 hours a day since the moment they had been filled with water; the air nozzle was submerged 57 cm below the water surface to provide the aeration of 5-8 mg/l and preventing at the same time the silt particles on the bottom from being intermixed.
Three days after the aquaria were filled with water (10 days after the initial contamination of silt with oil had taken place) 1,5 g of adult Limnodrilus species was placed in some of the aquaria leaving the others without them.
The silt perturbation was examined by measuring of its layer thickness (in mm) on the front aquarium wall with a 5 mm step.
Saturated silt strata of 8 m and 10 m in thickness (prototype scale) were studied.
8 m thick, pure silt saturated stratum (relative density, [D.
In the Model 3, the response of a 10 m thick saturated silt stratum ([D.
A 100% silt size material "Sil-Co-Sil 120" (Walker and Stewart, 1989) was employed to construct the ground layer in all models.
Determinations of clay and silt contents for the ACU and EP soils used the pipette method (USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service National Soil Survey Center 1996; McKenzie et al.
For example, if there was 80% carbonate present in the sample, the clay, silt and sand fractions only totalled 20% and the rest of the material was deemed to be carbonate.
The loading weights for silt calibration were less defined, correlating mostly with illite (negative peak near 3620 [cm.