SILUSSpace Inventory and Utilization System
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Silus' grandfather arrived at Home Depot in August to purchase the parts necessary to build the walker, and when he informed the store workers of his intent, they immediately volunteered their services.
Using PVC pipe, foam guards, and adjustable broom handles, they created a walker that can be adjusted as Silus grows.
Silus' mother, Jessica Johnson, states that the walker has given her son a sense of independence that he had not been able to fully experience prior to the walker.
Silus, his blood brother, is sent out to capture Edgar before news of the killing of humans becomes public, and he teams up with human cop Lily (Saffron Burrows).
GRIPPING STUFF: Gregory and Saffron Burrows; OH BROTHER: Dougray Scott (Silus) and Leo Gregory (Edgar)
One of the more bizarre species to become extinct anywhere is the Australian Reheobatrachus silus, o r gastric brooder, which Tyler identified in 1973.
Stephen Morris grabbed a fifth, Silus Gwdgwdgze nabbed his first goal for the team before Quinn sealed the win.