SILVSupras Invade Las Vegas
SILVStagecraft Institute of Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)
SILVSynchronous Independent Lung Ventilation (pulmonary medicine)
SILVSimultaneous Independent Lung Ventilation
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Conversion of NV to ASP and SILV influenced the [WC.
The average values for Cc and soil deformation at the end of the test followed the order: NV > ASP > SILV (Table 2).
The initial soil WC was statistically different between soils under ASP, SILV and NV (P< 0.
p] values for the soils in ASP and SILV were statistically similar to NV (P > 0.
The similar values for DCpt and BD between the soils under ASP, SILV and NV (Table 2) demonstrate the low impact from implementation of agroforestry on soil physical properties, explaining the similarity between the values for [[sigma].
p] <200 kPa, as in the soils under evaluation (ASP, SILV and NV), trampling by sheep is likely to increase compaction.